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about us

At the TV Dept we offer high calibre, freelance TV producers and production assistants to advertising agencies and clients across the UK and Europe

We help you with production in whatever way suits you best with our producers being experienced in all forms of TV, radio, digital and new media production and project management.

Before starting the TV Dept in 2004 Judy Ross was Head of TV at Publicis and prior to that had many years experience of running her own production companies.

From our many years in the industry we believe that we are uniquely placed to recruit and recommend the best people.

We have a bank of over 100 producers, PA’s and admin personnel who, between them, have worked at every major advertising and digital agency and for every major client. It’s a pool of experience and expertise whose depth is unmatched and in all cases we remain responsible for the people we provide and the quality of their work. We treat each brief individually and tailor our services according to the requirements.

We certainly don’t represent every freelance producer in the market. We are careful about who we recommend so that we are confident that they have the relevant experience and will be a good fit.

clients and agencies

How much do you want from us?
We supply agencies and clients with as much or as little TV production support as you require.

producers looking for representation

We deal across all levels of agency TV production and we look only for the best people whether you are a producer, PA or admin assistant.

We aim to find you as much work as you can handle, but we recommend you keep your existing avenues open.

When an agency contacts us and we think you fit the brief we will contact you to discuss the job and, if you are interested, we put your name forward. You may be asked to go for an interview or you may just start straight away. Either way, if you get the job we pay you monthly at the start of each month.

we now represent freelance directors

We give you access to a roll call of high calibre directors happy to work with a number of production companies. This arrangement is ideal for the production company with a script, but without the appropriate director. And it works well for the agency that shoots its own content or commercials – we can supply the right director for the job, with production services if required.


The TV Dept
2 Townsend House
22 Dean Street
London W1D 3RY

Telephone 020 7287 2711

Judy Ross 07785 921178

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